All Great South Dance Academy classes may be referred to as ‘Class’ or ‘Classes’ in the following Terms and Conditions, 2017.

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1       Enrolment Policies

1.1       Enrolment in a Great South Dance Academy class is for a term. It is assumed that you will be continuing on to the next term unless you let the Academy know. You will be invoiced automatically for the next term if no communication has been made. Each new year you have to re-enrol to sign up for that years classes.

1.2       By enrolling in Great South Dance Academy you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

2       Fee and Refunds Policies & Procedures

2.1       Fees are payable in full within the first week of the term, unless prior payment arrangement is made with the director. Fees are calculated over the year and then divided by the four terms.

2.2       Late/ no payments and no communication with Great South Dance Academy may mean the loss of place within the enrolled class(es). There is a 15% late payment fee which will be added if fees are not paid by the due date.

2.3       Any refunds given are at the discretion of the director and may incur a $50 cancellation fee.

2.4       In the case of the teacher being unwell and the classes having to be cancelled, make up classes will be arranged within that term, the next school holidays or the next term depending on when the cancellation occurred.

2.5       All fees/ invoices are GST inclusive.

2.6       All statutory holidays are observed and fees have been calculated over the year. Where classes fall on public holidays, no make-up classes or refunds are given.

2.7       Fees that are left unpaid on the last day of each term will be put in the hands of a debt collection agency and you will be liable for any additional costs associated with debt collection and recovery.

2.8       If you have not received an invoice, the invoice is incorrect or would like to query anything on it, it is your responsibility to inform the Academy. All invoices are automated so mistakes happen from time to time.

2.9       If you decide to change classes or leave it is your responsibility to inform the Academy.

2.10    Great South Dance Academy reserves the right to change the fees. We will endeavor to provide as much warning as possible.

2.11    It is the parent/ caregiver’s responsibility to ensure we have the correct/ most up to date information; relevant medical conditions and contact details.

2.12    There are no refunds/ Great South Dance Academy are not responsible for any circumstances which are beyond our control, including but not limited to fire, traffic, extreme weather conditions.

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3       Classes, Timetable and Uniform Policies & Procedure

3.1       All students must be appropriately dressed for class, with correct foot wear.

3.2       No excess jewellery is to be worn. Stud/ small sleeper earrings only.

3.3       The timetable changes once throughout the year when going from examinations to concert rehearsals in Term 3. Great South Dance Academy however reserves the right to alter the timetable should they deem it necessary. The maximum amount of notice possible will be given.

3.4       All students (except adults) must purchase and wear the correct Great South Dance Academy regulation uniform for their grade/genre within the first term of starting classes.

3.5       Hair is to be neatly groomed and secured off the face. Speak to your teacher for class specifics.

3.6       Any student inappropriately dressed or groomed will not be able to participate in class activities due to health and safety regulations.

3.7       All students should bring their own water bottle to class. Due to health & safety regulations the studio does not provide glasses.

3.8       Great South Dance Academy does not hold responsibility for any lost property left on the premises. We will endeavor to return the item(s) to the owner. Any items which are not claimed but the end of the term/ year will be donated/ disposed of.

3.9       Physical contact is often required in class in order to correct body positions. Each teacher will ask permission/ see what they are comfortable with from the student when they first join the class. Parents/ caregivers must discuss any queries around this with the Studio Director and relevant Teacher prior to the class taking place.

3.10    Personal details supplied at the time of enrolment will not be shared to any third party without your written consent, except when payments are overdue and a third party may be brought in to seek payment.

3.11    Some classes through the year may be cancelled due to examinations. During examinations absolute silence is required throughout the studio. The days and times of exams are not set by Great South Dance Academy., but by the syllabus governing body As fees are calculated over the year.

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4       Newsletter & Notice Board Policies & Procedures

4.1       Newsletters are sent out intermittently and also made available in the studio and on our website. It is the parents and students responsibility to read the notice board on a regular basis and to read newsletters.

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5       Health, Safety, Injury & Medical Conditions Policies & Procedures

5.1       Great South Dance Academy is not liable for any personal injury sustained or any loss or damage of personal property whilst on the premises or out the front by the road. Also, whilst undergoing any activities inconjuction with the studio but off premises including but not limited to; concert, performances within the community and competitions.

5.2       Great South Dance Academy aims to provide a safe learning environment to reduce the risk of injury. It should be recognized by all students, parents/guardians that dance by its very nature carries a risk of injury or accident.

5.3       Great South Dance Academy provides qualified and/or experienced dance teachers, who actively promote safe dance practice. This being the case it should be realised that injuries do occur from time to time and students must accept this element of risk.

5.4       It is the student’s parents/guardians responsibility to notify their teacher in the event of a prior injury, medical condition or treatment that may be of concern or which may prevent full class participation before the class starts.

5.5       A first aid kit is available to any student through their teacher. We do not provide anyone with Panadol or equivalent or administer students’ medication without prior written consent from a parent/caregiver.

5.6       Great South Dance Academy students are under supervision whilst in class time only. While we endeavor to provide a safe environment, teachers and staff cannot be responsible for students outside their allocated class time.

5.7       In the event of an emergency, where a parent / guardian is not present, all effort will be made to contact the parent/ caregiver nominated on the registration form. If contact is unsuccessful, this agreement allows Great South Dance Academy to take all necessary steps for the proper care and treatment of the student, including, but not limited to seeking professional medical help and taking the student to hospital.

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6       Class Attendance Policy

6.1       Regular class attendance is vital for students to develop and keep on top of their syllabus/class work. Students must be punctual to classes to ensure they receive a complete warm up.

6.2       It is appreciated if parents/caregivers can advise the teacher if a student is unable to attend their class.

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7       Examinations, Presentations & Tests

7.1       All syllabus classes are taught with the intention that students will work towards sitting their examinations during the year.

7.2       Students will be entered into examinations at the discretion of the teacher, in consultation with students and parents/caregivers. Examination and compulsory holiday seminar fees are in addition to term fees.

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8       Concert & Costume Policies & Procedures

8.1       It is not compulsory for a student to be involved in the annual performances, however it is encouraged.  Students participating in the concert are required to attend extra rehearsals, dress rehearsals and all performances.

8.2       Parents and caregivers are permitted backstage and in the changing room areas if they are an allocated helper for that performance. Non-helpers are asked to leave due to the theatre fire regulations for maximum numbers allowed backstage. All children are supervised during concert rehearsals and performances.

8.3       When relevant, each dancer must return a concert consent form signed by a parent/caregiver in order to participate in the concert. This is to confirm participation and to allow filming by a professional photographer and photo’s taken throughout the event.

8.4       There is a costume hire fee for each class/ dance. This ranges between $30 and $50 depending on the costume. From time to time the fee may be more if there is a specialty costume. This will be discussed with the bill payer prior to the purchasing of the costume.

8.5       All concerts are professionally filmed and photographs are available for purchase.

8.6       Concert tickets are available for purchase at the full school rehearsals approximately 1 month prior to the performance.

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9       Photography & Videoing of Students

9.1       Great South Dance Academy utilises Movitae as a learning tool within classes. This allows the students to watch themselves at home so they can better their practice. By enrolling in Great South Dance Academy you are giving your permission to have your child filmed and photographed during class. From time to time these images may also be used for promotional material for the school including, but not limited to, social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram), posters and fliers.

9.2       Public photography or videoing of students in class and at concerts is not permitted. This is for the safety & well being of each individual student and to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 regulations.

9.3       If you have any concerns regarding this these need to be raised at enrolment and in writing.

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10   Choreography

10.1    Choreography for classes, performances and competitions remain the artistic and intellectual property of Great South Dance Academy and/or the syllabus providers. Choreography must not be copied or used without prior permission of the Great South Dance Academy.

10.2    Students who leave the Academy are not permitted to perform choreography that was developed specifically for them by Great South Dance Academy teachers as a solo or as part of a team/group without prior permission.

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11   Privacy Act

11.1 The enrolment form collects personal information about students. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you are entitled to have access to, and request correction of, this information at any time. It is held digitally on the Great South Dance Academy database. Any hard copies which are received are entered onto the database and then destroyed.

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12   Dismissal

12.1    Great South Dance Academy maintains the right to dismiss any student who breaches any of the stated Term & Conditions, damages the property or causes severe disruptions to any classes. The decision is at the discretion of the Studio Director.

12.2    Should a dismissal occur, a refund is at the discretion of the director.

12.3    Should any damage to Great South Dance Academy property or the premises the student and subsequent parent/ guardian will be liable to pay for any repairs/ replacements as the director sees appropriate.

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13 Great South Dance Academy reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.